Do you need to wind back that stress? Color these engaging architectural illustrations to make your life run like clockwork.

Relieve some high-pressure and polish the creativity with some steampunk fun. This whimsical adult coloring book will soon have you whipping out the pencils. Lose yourself in these intricately and expertly drawn pages and let the worries of the day be replaced by your own inventive flights of fantasy.

R.J. Hampson is a graphic designer and illustrator living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Russell works mainly with ink, fineliners, and markers to illustrate the fantasy worlds that he has been passionately sketching ever since he could hold a pen.

If you like visually stunning structures and unique ways to unwind, then you’ll be right at home in this inspiring collection of coloring pages – the perfect gift for coloring enthusiasts.

Buy Steampunk Houses 2 and lose yourself in the shiny details of design today!

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